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The integration of new technology into existing shop-floor environments is a challenge. It is however the most beneficial process, too. AI solutions can blend into your shop-floor by design if you consider it from the very beginning. In this section, we offer you support on adapting machines and installing new sensors so that you can gradually enhance your infrastructure. If it is on new compute devices or storage, if it is on additional actuators or a new conveyor belt. There are companies around that are well aware of possibilities to adapt existing equipment so that it can shine again under the umbralla of an AI solution.

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equipment providers and integrators

companies that support your technical topics on AI in Manufacturing*

Company Offering Service Country URL
AIXBRAIN IoT Devices Deployment DE
AM-LAB IT Infrastructure Development HU
APPENTUM IT Infrastructure Development HU
ATLAS4 IoT Devices Integration NL
BINARIAL Sensors Development ES
EMETEL IoT Devices Development ES
EXOM Sensors Sales ES
HISPAVISTA IT Infrastructure Deployment ES
ICONPRO IT Infrastructure Development DE
IRIDIA IT Infrastructure Deployment GR
ISQ Engineering Development PT
MAREL Sensors Integration CZ
NIGAL IT Infrastructure Development ES
QUOBIS IT Infrastructure Development ES
SICK Sensors Deployment CZ
TRADAR IT Infrastructure Sales HU
TRIX Connections Storage Integration CZ

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