to support you in engaging with AI in manufacturing

AIRISE is there to help you make the right decisions on using AI in manufacturing for your company. We have experts that develop algorithms, experts that support data analysis, and experts that support you handling ethics. In this section, you find "AI aware" companies that can provide commercial support on technology, be it sales or integration.

ai readiness

assess yourself along a set of questions on people and technology

The use of AI in manufacturing touches many aspects of the business you are running and the people that work for that business. We have prepared a questionnaire that should trigger thinking about the most relevant topics in using AI in a manufacturing environment. They include

  • availability of data
  • cause-effect relationship
  • compute infrastructure
  • it competence
  • balance of impact and resources
  • peoples' workplace

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products & integration

The implementation of AI solutions in manufacturing needs hardware, software and people. If it is about sensors that need to be added to existing equipment or if you look for additional compute units. We have put together resources that can add to your existing ones.

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business & finance

Engagement with AI creates new opportunities for employers and for employees at the same time. But is does not come for free. It is necessary to reserve time and resources to launch your idea and to roll out the solution. In this section, you find how to calculate resources and how to raise funding.

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standards & training

AI is not new, but it is new to manufacturing. Regulation is just starting, but some standards are already published. Make sure to know the ones that address your area of activity most and get some training on how to apply the standards.

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