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what we do and who we are

AIRISE promotes the increased use of Artificial Intelligence in manufacturing. Our primary focus is on empowering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on the adoption of AI, by enhancing their skills and capabilities. The AIRISE ecosystem offers a comprehensive range of services, ranging from scientific support, across shop-floor deployment support, to skills and education on the use of AI in manufacturing. The key objective is a reduction of waste and carbon footprint while ensuring a resilient production. 

AIRISE comprises 14 European entities from 11 countries, including SMEs and research and technology organizations. All of them have a proven track record of utilizing AI in manufacturing. This collaborative team offers expertise and resources that are spanning a broad range of areas such as technology, business, and training, to support your business needs.

Logo of Laboratory for Machine Systems and Automation

LMS (Coordinator)

Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems & Automation

LMS has a dedicated group on AI in manufacturing and demonstration facilities in Patras. The team focuses on empowering companies in the adoption of AI by enhancing their skills and capabilities. 

Logo of AIMEN


Asociacion de Investigacion Metalurgica del Noroeste

Innovation and Technology Centre highly specialized in advanced digital and manufacturing technologies and materials, especially joining technologies and laser technologies applied to materials processing, robotics and automation backed on relevant data elaboration and exploitation capabilities.


French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission

CEA is a key player in research, development and innovation in four main areas: defence and security, low carbon energies (nuclear and renewable energies), technological research for industry, fundamental research in the physical sciences and life sciences.​

Logo of the Cleantech Bulgaria Organisation


Cleantech Bulgaria

Cleantech Bulgaria (CTBG) is a business network focused on clean technologies, innovation and sustainable development. In this, CTBG drives the adoption of AI in manufacturing by bringing together entrepreneurs, experts and organisations. 

Logo of the Czech Technical University


Czech Technical University Prague

The Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) has faculties on mechanical, electrical and information technologies. Collaborative research groups support the development of AI solutions in diverse application sectors.


German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence

DFKI conducts research on "human-centric AI" in the major groundbreaking areas of AI research and applications with a focus on socially relevant topics and scientific excellence.

Logo of the European Welding Federation


European Welding Federation

EWF is a key driver for standardised training in Europe. Their teams are involved in the development of standards and provide frameworks for knowledge transfer. A key aim is to achieve certified training programs in the manufacturing sector.

Logo of Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT

Fraunhofer ILT

Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology (ILT)

Fraunhofer ILT develops applications in laser-based manufacturing. ILT has a group of scientists that supports data analysis and use of data for advanceed manufacturing. A key part in this is the adoption of AI to ensure quality and enhance efficiency.

Logo of Intech Centras



InTechCentras is a smart manufacturing competence center aiming to increase the value added and labor productivity in industrial companies. 

Logo of Lortek


Lortek S.Coop.

The team at LORTEK generates excellent knowledge of manufacturing processes and their digitisation. A special focus is on joining and addditive manufaturing in line with Industry 4.0 technologies. 

Logo of the Pannon Business Network


Pannon Business Network

Pannon Business Network is  an applied research, development and training center. The focus is on added value by growing companies.

Logo of Sintef


Sintef Manufacturing Research

Sintef has a strong research group on advanced manufacturing. A specific focus is on additive manufacturing and the corresponding value chain. 

Logo of Tecnalia


Tecnalia research and development center

Tecnalia is a center of applied research and technological development striving for improved competitiveness, quality of life and sustainable growth. The team focuses on the application of AI to proceduction environments.


Eindhoven University of Technology

TU Eindhoven is “Where innovation starts”. Expertise in the area of Data - AI - Digital Twinning – Digital Manufacturing - Sustainability - Logistics – High Tech Supply Chains – Maintenance Optimization - Human Factors – Human Robot Collaboration.

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