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AIRISE Open Calls

support to get you going

AIRISE uses calls to initiate cooperation between people on AI-in-manufaturing. All of these calls ask for ideas that facilitate manufacturing either for ecology, for efficiency, for resilience of just to make people's life better. The aim is to teach and to connect so that new solutions can be developed that make companies more competitive.

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Open Call for Experiments on AI-in-Manufacturing

Are you an SME that wants to test AI in your shopfloor?

Our Open Call for Experiments calls for proposals where AI shall play a key role in your manufacturing environment. We support you with expertise in the fields of:

  • Design and Engineering
  • Process Monitoring and Control
  • Manufacturing Operations
  • Supply Chain
  • Training

Our services will enable you to realise AI driven manufacutring solutions on your shop-floor. For more detail about these services, visit our services pages.

You can apply for this support if your company is a SME or mid-cap and if your challenge is on using AI in manufacturing at your shop-floor. We need a description of your "AI in manufacturing application case", the technical challenge, and your implementation plan. At the base line, we also need fact on how a successful implementation will help your business and why you need our support.

Call Details

  • Call opening date: November 1st, 2023
  • Submission deadline: January 15th, 2024
  • Maximum budget per party: 40.000 Euros

Call documents will be provided once the call has opened.

Open Call for AIRISE Ambassadors

Are you an organization bringing together manufacturing SMEs?

We call for organisations that bring together manufacturing SMEs based on their common industrial sector or some common interest. We empower you with the skills, knowledge, tools and provide financial support to reach out to SMEs, inform them about the potential of AI in manufacturing, and discuss the SME's AI ideas. 

If you represent a legal entity as described above and if you want to engage with AI in manufacturing, then apply now to become an AIRISE Ambassador.

Call Details

  • Submission deadline: October, 31st 2023 1700 Brussels Time

Guide for Ambassadors

Proposal Template


Call for Evaluators

Are you an AI expert willing to assist evaluating proposals?

To ensure openness, fairness and impartiality in proposal evaluation and selection, AIRISE appoints external experts to assist in the evaluation process.

To work as an expert assisting in the evaluation of proposals, you must declare your interest by applying through the AIRISE website If we would like to engage your services, we will contact you to propose the task assignment and check your availability.

For more details please refer to the guide for evaluators.

Guide for Evaluators